Thursday 4/28/16

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16 minutes to work up to a Deadlift 2RM and perform 3 HSPU sets (superset between first few Deadlift sets)

Deadlift (2 Rep Max)

Find today’s max for 2 reps, provided that ALL REPS ARE LOWERED TO THE FLOOR WITH CONTROL. Record heaviest set of 2. *Use history in Wodify to estimate a goal 2RM before starting*

Handstand Push-Ups

3 sets of Max Effort strict HSPU (scale up to 2 ab mats) OR 3×5 of HSPU progression (HS negatives, toes/knees on box, seated DB press)


“Death by Calorie Row”

Minute 1: Row 1 calorie
Minute 2: Row 2 calories
Minute 3: Row 3 calories
etc. until you cannot complete total calories in that minute

Record as rounds + reps (e.g. if you are on round 10 but only make 9 calories, record as 9 rounds + 9 reps)

Cash-Out / Cool Down

Don’t skip these stretches, they are especially important after deadlifting heavy and rowing. Details on all are in Wodify!

A) Chest to Floor Stretch (1 minute)
B) Figure 4 Glute Stretch (30 sec/side)
C) Iron Cross (1 min/side)
D) PNF Hamstring Stretch w/ Partner or Band (1 min/side)

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