Thursday 4/6/17

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Strength & Conditioning

Squat Clean Primer

E2MOM for 10′ (5 Rounds) – complex below of 6 movements, building from empty barbell up to working weight for WOD:

High-Hang Power Clean x 1
Front Squat x 1
High-Hang Squat Clean x 1
Hang Squat Clean x 1
Clean Lift-Off (to knee) w. 3-sec pause x 1
Squat Clean from Floor x 1

“Clean Countdown”

With a clock counting down from 20:00:

5 Rounds NOT FOR TIME of:
5 Squat Cleans (Rx: 135/95; Rx+: 165/115)
10 Burpees Over the Bar

Then, in your remaining time, find today’s 1RM Squat Clean. Record heaviest successful Squat Clean as your score for this WOD, AND ALSO record this same number below to save it under the appropriate lift.


5 mins. Jefferson Curls

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