Thursday 5/17/18

6 Secrets to a Happier Life


Tempo Front Squat (5 x 5 @ 10X1 tempo)

All sets at same weight. Build slightly on load from 2 weeks ago. Remember that the weight should allow you to GET UP VERY FAST on all 5 reps in the set. If you can’t do that or need more than a 1-sec reset between reps, reduce the weight.

REST 2-2:30 between sets


“Steel Trap”

Squat Clean Thrusters (“Clusters”)

Round 1
EMOM 5′: 3 Clusters

REST 1′ / increase weight

Round 2
EMOM 5′: 2 Clusters

REST 1′ / increase weight

Round 3
EMOM 5′ – 1 Cluster

Record weight used for each of the three rounds as your score.

Rx = full squat cleans below parallel / all reps completed within the minute / increase weight each set / all 5 sets within each EMOM at same weight

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