Thursday 5/24/18

Per usual, we will be running the classic CrossFit Hero WOD, “Murph” on Memorial Day. Start time is 9AM, you can expect staggered starts for about 1.5 hours. BBQ to follow, so plan to stick around for some food and drinks and invite your families to join as well. BYOB! 

If you’re unfamiliar with the workout, check out this post by Beyond the Whiteboard for a great rundown, and the movie “Lone Survivor” if you haven’t yet seen it. As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve included a LOT of Murph-specific movement preparation and conditioning in our programming for the last couple months, and are excited to see a lot of inspired efforts on this WOD! As always, we encourage scaling as appropriate and will discuss different options (half-Murph, partner/team/family Murph) on Monday morning. We hope to see many of you there for this annual tradition!


Tempo Front Squat (5 x 3 @ 5551 tempo)

Different focus on the tempo this week- note the 5-second ASCEND, this means no bouncing out of bottom – slow and controlled all the way up. Strict tempo is a must- these are 15 second squats each with a 1 second reset. USE A CLOCK! REST 2-3 mins between sets

Partner WOD

AMRAP 14′:

Partner A: Max Calorie Row
Partner B: 100m Heavy Object Front Carry*

Score is total calories rowed as a pair. Record object used and its weight to comments

*Use anything (or combination of things) that is heavy and odd to carry… D-Ball, Plates, Slam Balls (or plate + slam ball), Sandbag, Heavy KB (goblet). Want you carrying the weight in front of you–i.e. not a farmer’s carry

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