Thursday 5/11/17

Get your nutrition dialed in before summer starts! Spring Nutrition Challenge starts next Monday 5/15 — sign-up HERE by THURSDAY, MAY 11TH to participate! All details are provided in the form. 

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Bodyweight Strength

Alternating EMOM 12′ (4 rounds):

1- 5-7 Ring Push-Ups with 3-sec. Plank Hold at top of each one OR 10 Perfect Form Push-Ups on floor (NOT Hand-Release; keep tight body and scale to barbell if needed)
2- 30-second Hollow Hold w/ PVC (scale: no PVC, arms in front)


“Singles Game”

AMRAP 15′:

150 Single-Unders
15 Ball Slams (mod heavy-heavy)
3 Rope Climbs

Scale Rope Climbs to half-climbs or Get-Ups (1:1).

Record ball weight to comments

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