Thursday 5/19/16


Running Conditioning

5 x 400m Run on 4:00, for Time and Consistency

Each run is for time (start and end under the clock). Goal is to find a strong pace (75%+ effort), but one that you keep as consistent as possible across all 5 runs (i.e., as little deviation as possible).

Enter your SLOWEST time as your score. Perform a 2-burpee penalty for every second that your fastest and slowest runs deviated, and indicate # of burpees performed to comments.

(Example: If your runs ranged from 1:33 to 1:45, enter 1:33 as your score and perform 24 burpees as your penalty)

Enter Rx+ if you deviated 0-5 seconds

Enter Rx if you deviated 6-10 seconds


AMRAP 6 minutes:

5 Deadlifts (225/155)
5 Toes to Bar

Cash-Out / Cool Down

6-Minute Hamstring & Glute Recovery

A) 2 x 1:00 Weighted Forward Fold:

Holding a moderate weight kettlebell, stand with one foot each on two boxes, old racks (at front of gym), or stacked plates (up to 2 ft. apart). Bend forward and let the weight of the KB sink you into the pose – legs stay straight but knees are not locked. Hold for 1 minute. Rest and repeat.

B) PNF Hamstring Stretch with partner or band (1 min/side)

C) Pigeon Pose (1 min/side)

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