Thursday 5/5/16


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Clean and Jerk (1 Rep Max)

20 MINUTES to build up to a 1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk.

Clean should be performed as a full squat clean. All normal points of performance apply! A coach should watch all 1RM attempts.

NEW ATHLETES or those who want more structure can perform E2MOM for 20 minutes: 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Push Press/Push Jerk, ascending in weight if form looks good

Conditioning Partner WOD

AMRAP 10 minutes:

Partner A: Row 300m
Partner B: 15 Sit-Ups then Max Russian KB Swings until Partner A is done rowing (stop as soon as partner puts handle down)

Score is total # of KB Swings completed as an individual. Rx: 70/53

Cash-Out / Cool Down

4 rounds:
A) 10-second L-Hang on bars (mix grip between pronated & supinated)
B) 15-second Superman Hold

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