Thursday 6/1/17


Front Squat (1 x 20)

12-15 Mins. to complete:

Warm-up sets: 3 x 10 (barbell or 30%; 40%; 50%)
*Rest at least 2 minutes before working set*
Working set: 1 x 20 @ 60% (record this number)

If you fail on the set of 20 reps, drop the weight to 50% and redo.

Conditioning Partner WOD

“Alternative Tracks”

With a partner and one person working at a time, alternate each movement to complete AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

250m Row
15 Wall Balls (20/14)
10 Box Jumps w/ Step-Down (24/20)

Ex: first person does 250m row, second person does 15 wall balls, first person does 10 box jumps (one round completed), then second person does 250m row, first person does 15 wall balls, etc…)

Count full rounds + reps completed as a team


Couch Stretch! Your hip flexors will thank you. 2-3 minutes/side

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