Thursday 6/2/16



18 minutes to superset Push Press with:

3 sets of 10-20 Hollow to Arch/ Kip Swings on Bar

Push Press (3 x 5 @ same weight)

Warm-up 2×5 before starting working sets. Working sets at ~60-65% of estimated or actual 1RM


Kettlebell Ladder

AMRAP 9 minutes:

1 KB Swing – RIGHT
1 KB Clean – RIGHT
1 KB Front Squat – RIGHT
1 KB Push Press – RIGHT

1 KB Swing – LEFT
1 KB Clean – LEFT
1 KB Front Squat – LEFT
1 KB Push Press – LEFT

***Increase reps by 1 each round***

Record total reps completed (chart in Wodify for reference).

Rx: 53/35

Cash-Out / Cool Down

A) Grab another KB of the same weight and take a 200m Farmer’s Carry cool-down walk. Focus on keeping perfect posture over anything else!

B) Once back in the gym, put one of the KBs away and use the other to perform 2 sets of 1:00 Weighted Forward Fold (elevate feet on boxes or plates, with space between to let arms hang down)

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