Thursday 7/13/17

Conditioning Partner WOD

“Treading Water”

With a partner and a 14:00 clock:

Partner A: AMRAP of
9 DB Deadlifts*
6 Burpees
3 DB Power Cleans*

Partner B: Row 300m

Partner working through AMRAP can only do so while other person is actually rowing (fast transitions!!). Rowing partner picks up on AMRAP where other person leaves off. Count your team’s rounds + reps consecutively throughout.

Rx = Men: 2 x 40’s OR UP / Women: 2 x 30’s OR UP

*FRONT head of both DBs must touch the ground on every deadlift & power clean rep

Cash-Out & Cool-Down

Accumulate 2 Mins. in Dead Hang from bar (any grip)

Scorpion Stretch – 1 Min. Right
Scorpion Stretch – 1 Min. Left
Iron Cross – 1 Min. Right
Iron Cross – 1 Min. Left

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