Thursday 7/14/16


On the docket today we have a good old-fashioned engine-builder! 


Think twice if you’re tempted to cherry-pick today; these types of WODs, done every so often, are invaluable in improving our fitness — testing both our physical and mental capacity! 

See you there!


Posterior chain activation & mobility

10 minutes of Rowing Drills


Athletes will choose the most appropriate option based on level of rowing experience and comfort:

5k Row for Time

Max effort 5k Row

Broken 5k Row for Time*

1 x 2000m Row – 3 min rest
1 x 1000m Row – 2 min rest
2 x 500m Row – 1 min rest after each
4 x 250m Row – 0:30 rest after each

(Scaled) 3k Row for Time*

1000m Row – 3 mins rest
2 x 500m Row – 2 mins rest after each
4 x 250m Row – 1 min rest after each

*compare to 4/30/15

Cash-Out / Cool Down

Spend 5 minutes stretching out glutes, hamstrings, and t-spine (e.g. Downward Dog, Pigeon Pose, Figure 4 Stretch..)

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