Thursday 7/21/16

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E2MOM 8 mins (4 rounds):

12 DB Walking Lunges (heavy) +
5 Shoot-Throughs with push-up and dip (make sure hips fully extend before dipping) — Perform in any order, rest in remaining time

then, EMOM 8 mins:

MIN 1: 6-8 x KB/DB Bentover Row, each arm
MIN 2: 2-3 x Wall Walks w/ 10-sec hold (only go up as high as you can stay hollow). Wall Walks should be CONTROLLED both up and down


KB Cincos

*compare to 7/27/15*

5 Rounds for Time (12 MIN CAP):

5 Single Arm KB Swing
5 Single Arm KB Snatch (scale: KB Clean)
5 Single Arm KB Front Squat (rack position)
5 Single Arm KB Push Press

*Go through full sequence first with right arm, then again with left arm – this equals one round. Goal is to try not to let KB touch floor during round. Rest as needed between rounds*

Rx: 53/35

Cash-Out / Cool Down

Couch Stretch, 2-3 mins/side

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