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REMINDER! New this season, CFIL is a drop-off/pick-up site for the Spiral Path Farms CSA. We encourage you to take advantage of this benefit to your CFIL membership, while supporting a local farm and getting more organic produce into your life! Pick up from the gym on Saturday mornings.

Click here to join pro-rated anytime

One nice benefit for CSA members are the farm’s Open Farm Days, the next of which is this Saturday, August 19th. CSA members received more details about this in their e-mail inboxes this week. For those who aren’t yet members, here is a general description of Open Farm Day from the Spiral Path Farms website:

“On selected Saturdays, 9 am to 3 pm, we take time from our busy farming schedule to host Open Farm Days at Spiral Path Farm. Open Farm Days are for members only. On Open Farm Days, members can pick herbs, flowers,and other extra produce from the field, garden, and at our Open Farm Day Market. Open Farm Days provide our members with the opportunity to see the fields where your organic produce is grown and have your family experience a taste of farm life. At each Open Farm Day, we offer complimentary (with the exception of strawberries and cases of plum tomatoes) in-season produce on an as-available basis.” 


Push Press (5 x 2, ascending)

Record heaviest set of 2

Push Jerk (5 x 2, ascending)

Start at weight used for final Push Press set, record heaviest set of 2


3-4 Rounds for Quality (NOT FOR TIME):

80 ft. (2 lengths) Heavy Sled Push (on turf)
120 ft. (3 lengths) Low Bear Crawl (on mats)
160 ft. (4 lengths) Heavy Farmer’s Carry (on mats)
3 Wall Walks

***Distance from 1st to 3rd poles (one-way) = 40 ft***

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