Thursday 8/18/16

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Congrats to Mike G. for getting in a WOD at CrossFit Ocean City during vacation!

Reminder: No 7AM WOD today!


Power Clean (14 x 1 )

1 rep every 30 seconds for 7 minutes. ALL sets at 70-75% 1RM Power Clean. Focusing on bar path and speed!


AMRAP 10 minutes:

100m Run w/ DB
12 DB Man-Makers

Rx: At least 35’s / At least 25’s

Carry one of your DBs for the run – can be carried any way you like

Cash-Out / Cool Down

Lax Ball First Rib Mobilization (against rig) – Hold ball steady with opposite hand, work arm in different directions & rotations for a full 2 mins/side

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