Thursday 8/6/15

CrossFit Kids coach Nick representing CFIL in Kailua, HI!


If you missed it earlier this week, check out our new blog post about attending the National Professional Grid League match on Sun, Aug 9th! E-mail us or sign up by whiteboard at the gym if you’re planning to go!


This is our first week of our Deadlift linear progression, which we will follow for probably the next 8 weeks. We will be doing 5 sets of 3 reps all at the same weight, increasing the weight each week by 10-20 lbs. If you have a true 1RM, we suggest your first week’s working weight be no more than 60% of that weight, given that we are doing sets of 3 and that we have plenty of time to increase. The focus here is on performing 3 smooth reps, with no “grinding” or “hitching.” The bar should return to the floor after each rep in a controlled manner.

Deadlift (5×3 @ same weight)

warm-up 3×3, ascending weight


Two options based on handstand push-up (HSPU) proficiency:


For Time:

Deadlifts, 225# / 155#
Handstand Push-ups (may scale up to 2 ab mats)

We are implementing a 10 minute time cap for this workout today – scale accordingly or perform the “Lite” version if you will not be able to meet the cap.


“Diane” Lite

AMRAP 8 minutes:

Handstand kick-up to wall & hold for 20 seconds (scale to wall-facing hold)

7 Pike Push-Ups (scale to regular/assisted push-ups)

7 Deadlifts (@ 40-50% of 1RM)

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