Thursday 9/1/16

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Oly Lifting – Technique & Power

Tall Snatch

EMOM 8 minutes: 2-3 reps (LIGHT weight i.e. 20-30% of best snatch, no more than 40%)

Hang Power + Hang Squat Snatch

10 minutes to complete 5 working sets (not including any warm-up sets if needed). ALL WORKING SETS AT 70-75% of best snatch


150 DB Snatches for Time (8′ CAP)

Alternate arms as desired. Both heads of DB must touch floor at start of each rep (scale to hang as needed)

Rx Men: 35# OR UP / Rx Women: 25# OR UP


10 Rope Get-Ups and Lowers (everyone!) as strict / straight body as possible, scaling as needed. Rest as needed between reps / share ropes

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