Thursday 9/15/16


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Bodyweight Strength

EMOM 16 minutes (4 rounds of 4 stations):

#1: Legless Rope Climb OR 2-3 Rope Get-Ups & Lowers (as straight a body position as possible)

#2: 30-45 second Handstand Hold (as far up as you can stay hollow) – shoulder taps optional

#3: 5 Parallette Shoot-Throughs w/ push-up & dip

#4: REST


4 Rounds for Time (16′ CAP):

1 KB Complex, L
1 KB Complex, R
100m KB Rack Carry (switch arms at 50m)
200m Run

KB Complex (all single-arm) = 5 KB Swings, 5 KB Cleans, 5 KB Thrusters

Rx: 53/35


40 Weighted Sit-Ups (hold DB/KB at chest)

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