Thursday 9/22/16


Registration for Saturday’s WOD to WIN benefit WOD closes at 11:59PM Thursday night! If you missed out, onsite registration will be welcomed for $25!



“Fight Gone CFIL 2”

3 Rounds for Reps:

1 Minute DB Snatch (35/25)
1 Minute Double-Unders
1 Minute KB Swings (53/35)
1 Minute Push Press (75/55)
1 Minute Row (1 Calorie = 1 Rep)

*REST 1 minute between rounds*

Clock does not stop between stations. Count reps/calories consecutively as you move through the 5 stations and record total reps completed for EACH round.


Rest 5 minutes after WOD, then:

200m Heavy Farmer’s Carry For Time — each time weights are set down perform 10 Air Squats

Use 2 KBs or DBs. Record total, combined weight used to comments

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