Thursday 9/28/17

Double birthdays, puppies, babies, and a crew like this – doesn’t get much more fun for a noon WOD!


Tempo Back Squat (5 x 3)

3 seconds down, 2 seconds hold, explode up, 1 second/breath reset

Start at 50% of 1RM and build as desired, but only to where you can keep tension at bottom of squat (no collapsing). Rest 2-3′ between sets.

Conditioning Team WOD

“200 Burpees FT”

Teams of 3, with each person at a different station:

1- Max Burpees
2- 250m Row
3- Rest

Rotate whenever rower finishes 250m, time stops when team completes 200 burpees combined (scale = 150 burpees).

*If a team of 2 is required: no rest station, time stops at 125 burpees*


Group Stretch – Coaches Choice

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