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WOD to Win: Stand Up 2 Cancer Registration — remember that if you want to pre-order an event shirt you must register by this Saturday Sept. 10

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Olympic Lifting – Technique

1) Triple Pause Clean Pull (2 reps every 90 seconds for 6 minutes)

Full 3-second pause at each of the following 3 positions: 1) 2 inches off floor, 2) Mid-knee, 3) Mid-thigh, then finish hip & knee extension into clean pull. Start at ~75% of best clean and build if desired

2) Clean (1 rep EMOM for 6 minutes)

All reps at 70-80% of best clean (OR at least 20% less than where you finished on the previous drill), focusing on positioning and speed!

Strength & Conditioning

“Mexican Jumping Beans”

For Time (12′ CAP):

10 Squat Cleans
100 Double-Unders
8 Squat Cleans
80 Double-Unders
6 Squat Cleans
60 Double-Unders
4 Squat Cleans
40 Double-Unders
2 Squat Cleans
20 Double-Unders

All squat cleans start from the floor. Scale DUs to half the number (50/40/30/20/10) (preferred) or 2x singles.

Rx+: 155/105
Rx: 135/95


With barbells still loaded (raised), spend 5 minutes rolling out your calves and plantar fascia (shoes off)

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