Tuesday 1/16/18

Coach Andrea with Dee, recent On-Ramp grad! Give her a warm welcome when you see her in class!


25 Mins. “AMRAP” for Quality — moving slowly and with control through all movements:

80 ft. Heavy Sled Push – AHAP without stopping between posts (Hi/Lo*)
80 ft. Combo KB Walk, R Overhead**
80 ft. Combo KB Walk, L Overhead**
10/leg Bulgarian Split Squats (bodyweight or hold DBs if desired)
200m Jog

*1 length using high handles, 1 length using low handles — i.e. do not turn sled around
**Combo Walk = one arm in Overhead Carry, one arm in Front Rack Carry (can use two different weight KBs for this)


5 Mins. Mobility – COACHES CHOICE

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