Tuesday 10/10/17


Bench Press (5-5-5-5+)

12 Mins. to complete 4 sets Bench Press. Reps and suggested percentages:
5 reps @ 55%
5 reps @ 60%
5 reps @ 65%
Max reps @ 70% (or a weight that will be challenging for 5+ reps)

Must get MORE THAN 5 reps on last set — if you don’t, drop weight and re-do. Record # reps completed on final set.


“Wall Ball Challenge”

For total Wall Balls completed in 9 minutes:

EMOM for 3′
(X) Wall Ball Shots to 10/9 ft.


EMOM for 3′
(X + 2) Wall Ball Shots to 10/9 ft.


EMOM for 3′
(X + 4) Wall Ball Shots to 10/9 ft.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose a starting number for (X) where you can complete the designated number of reps each minute (reps go up by 2 and then 4 for the second and third EMOMs). Record total Wall Balls completed across the 9 intervals as your score. WBs do not need to be unbroken, just completed within each minute.

EXAMPLE: If you choose to do 10/12/14 WBs, and you make all of those reps each minute, you would end up performing 30 + 36 + 42 = 108 WBs.

NOTE: There is NO prescribed wall ball weight for this WOD – the focus is on QUALITY, FULL-DEPTH reps and challenging yourself appropriately on the number. Choose a ball weight that will enable you to hit the correct targets on all reps with full-depth squats.

***Select ‘Rx’ if you meet criteria above AND make all intended number of reps (X, X+2, X+4) for each EMOM. Record ball weight to comments.***

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