Tuesday 10/11/16


Welcome aboard to the 21 members completing our Fall Wellness Challenge over the next 3 weeks! If you are participating but haven’t put your name on the whiteboard, please do so today or let Coach Jara know. We have a private Facebook group for Challenge participants to provide support and tips to one another and want to be sure you are included!

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2 Rounds for Weight:

EMOM 10 minutes
Minutes 1-5: 5 Clusters (Squat Clean Thrusters)
Minutes 6-10: 3 Push Jerks (from the floor)

-REST 2 MINS between rounds-

Reps do not need to be unbroken but you must complete all reps within the minute. Must use the same weight for both movements. May keep same weight both rounds or change it if you choose. Record the weight you use on the SECOND set as your score, indicate first round weight to comments


Barbell Quad Smash, 2-3 mins/leg

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