Tuesday 10/18/16

Welcome to new On-Ramp grads Alex, Tara, Kathryne, and Dan (not pictured) — be sure to welcome them in class!


Rope Climb footwork or Seated Legless Rope Climb


EMOM 24 minutes (6 rounds) – start anywhere, follow in order:

MIN 1: Max Rope Climbs [Scale: Max Body Rows]

MIN 2: 21 Floor Touch Jump Squats

MIN 3: 15 Weighted Sit-Ups [Scale: No weight]

MIN 4: 9 Parallette Push-Ups [Scale: Regular/scaled push-ups]

Score is total rope climbs or body rows.


3 Rounds:
1 min. Seated Shoulder Extension Stretch
1 min. Downward/Upward Dog

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