Tuesday 10/27/15


Schedule Reminder: No 8am class this Saturday due to our 9am Halloween WOD & party! Come in costume, prizes awarded for best Individual and best Group (up to 4 people) costumes. We’ll provide coffee & fruit, feel free to bring something to share!


1) Hang Snatch technique work

2) Hang Snatch + OHS (1 complex EMOM for 12 minutes)

1 snatch starting from top of knee/hang, return to standing, then 1 OHS. We’re working on getting into the correct hang position, coming through the power position to drive the bar up, and pulling yourself under the bar. Pause at bottom of squat if possible. Ascend weight only if form is good!


For Time:

100 Double-Unders
50 Calorie Row
25 Weighted Step-Ups (45/35 barbell or hold at least 25s/20s DBs)

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