Tuesday 12/26/17

Holiday Schedule Reminder: No 7AM or 4:30PM WODs today! View our live calendar here.

Guests: Visiting for the holidays from another affiliate? Purchase and reserve your drop-in class here. E-mail us for a discounted rate if you want to attend more than one class. 

Members: sign up for our January Nutrition Challenge by next Tuesday, Jan. 2! Check out ALL the information HERE, including answers to FAQs and links to sign up


“Boxing Day”

7 x 3:00 work, 1:00 rest / transition between each

Start on any station but rotate in this order. Record # calories/reps for each of the 7 “matches” —

Round 1: Max Calorie Ski Erg
Round 2: Max Push-Ups
Round 3: Max Air Squats
Round 4: Max Calorie Bike
Round 5: Max Pull-Ups (any style)
Round 6: Max Sit-Ups
Round 7: Max Wall Walks


400m Jog + 1-2 mins. Downward Dog / Upward Dog / Child’s Pose / Pigeon flow

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