Tuesday 12/27/16


Congratulations to everyone that tackled a 1- or 3 Rep Max last week to finish out our recent strength cycle! There were some MAJOR gains, especially by those who hit these lifts nearly every one of the 16 weeks. Consistency pays off! 

REMINDER: Today (Tuesday 12/27) there are no 6AM/7AM classes! Normal classes will be held at 9:45AM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM



EMOM 20 minutes, alternating:

1- 12 Alt. Lunges (in place) with Barbell on Back (95/65)
2- 12 Alt. Box Step-Ups (max 20″ everyone) with Barbell on Back (95/65)
3- Heavy Sled Push Down & Back
4- Handstand Walking Practice or 30 sec. Wall-Facing Handstand
5- Downward/Upward Dog Recovery/Mobility

Use same barbell for both movements (keep barbell on back between #1 and 2). Weight used is not as important as keeping good form, scale up or down as appropriate.


For Time (10′ CAP):

Overhead Squats (95/65)

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