Tuesday 2/7/17

*** Following our regular Sunday Yoga (9:30AM-11:00AM), join us this Sunday 2/12 for a fundraiser WOD to support CFIL’s Cycle for Survival team. Workout starts at 11:30AM. The workout will be appropriate for all levels so bring your family and friends, no CrossFit experience needed! Suggested donation is $20 each (cash only). All donations will go to Cycle for Survival on behalf of the CFIL team. ***


For Total Calories / Reps:

4′ Max Calorie Row

2′ Rest

4′ AMRAP of: 10 Front Squats + 10 Push Press

2′ Rest

4′ Max Calorie Row (try to beat your first round)

2′ Rest

4′ AMRAP of: 5 Front Squats + 5 Shoulder to Overhead

Rx: 95/65 then 135/95
Rx+: 125/85 then 185/125
Scale weights as needed, second AMRAP should be 40-50% heavier than the first


5 minutes of Jefferson Curls (empty barbell or light weight, standing on stacked plates or box)

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