Tuesday 3/27/18

REMINDER: No 9:45AM class today (Tuesday)


10-15 Mins. Rope Climb Practice:

If still learning the foot clamp: practice clamp while sitting on box (clamp with looking, clamp without looking)

If proficient at clamping: practice getting feet higher for each pull (reducing # pulls):
3 x jump & hang
3 x jump & knees up
3 x jump & knees to elbows with lean-back
3 x jump, knees to elbows, clamp and stand


“Upper Hand”

AMRAP 20′:

1 Rope Climb
12 DB Strict Press (2×35 or up / 2×20 or up)
40 ft. DB Weighted Walking Lunge (hold DBs at sides)

*40 ft. is distance from 1st to 3rd poles (one-way)

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