Tuesday 3/14/17

6AM and 7AM classes are CANCELLED today, March 14th. If you cannot make it into the gym, try performing this WOD at home!

All evening classes will be held on time, TEENS, 5:30,6:30 and ON RAMP! 


Alternating EMOM 10′:

1- 7 Toes to Bar (unbroken or 2 sets)
2- 5-7 Strict Handstand Push-Ups (OR Box HSPU OR Seated DB Press)


“On and Off”

5 Rounds of 4 minutes as follows:

30 seconds Max Push-Ups
30 seconds Rest
30 seconds Max Sit-Ups
30 seconds Rest
30 seconds Max Air Squats
90 seconds REST

Record total reps for each of the 5 rounds.

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