Tuesday 3/15/16

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We are over halfway done with this year’s CrossFit Games Open (three down, two remaining) and wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that is participating, has come and done some of the WODs, or has just come to provide support on Saturday mornings. While it’s fun to play around with the state/regional rankings on the Games Leaderboard (especially by age group!), we are most impressed with the full effort everyone is putting forth every week and the genuine support you are providing one another. Keep up the great work, and get excited for the last two weeks!


Paused Front Squat (2×3 warm-up then 3×3 @ same weight)

3-second hold at bottom of each rep.


AMRAP 17 mins:

5 DB Hang Clean
5 DB Front Squat
5 DB Shoulder to Overhead
200m Run

Record DB weight used (all movements use same set of DBs)

1 min Downward Dog/Upward Dog
1 min Pigeon (each side)
1 min Active Child’s Pose (stretch lats)

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