Tuesday 4/10/18


Bodyweight Strength

Complete 4-5 sets of Max Strict Pull-Ups at 31X2 tempo — rest 2 minutes between sets. No kipping!

Many more details, including how to build in assistance as needed, in Wodify


“Watts Your Number”

15 sets of :50 work, :10 rest/transition

3x through this sequence — start on any station, follow in order:

1) Bike @ bodyweight+ in Watts*
2) Walking Lunge (unweighted)
3) Row @ bodyweight+ in Watts*
4) Forearm Plank (unweighted)
5) Max Pull-Ups (can kip) (scaling-see below**)

Record total pull-ups completed over the 3 rounds

*On the Bike and Row, set units to watts and maintain your bodyweight or higher in watts the entire interval
**Scale to jumping pull-ups (doesn’t have to be the 6-inch standard above head – go as far as you can while still jumping up and pulling your chin over the bar. OR, perform Ring Rows

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