Tuesday 4/17/18

Stu and Desie repping CFIL in Missouri!

REMINDER: This Saturday, April 21st, our regular 9 & 10AM WODs will be replaced by CFIL’s version of Open “18.6” — come try for 1-Rep Maxes of your Strict Press, Front Squat, and Deadlift and then stay for a brunch potluck to celebrate a great 2018 Open season! (Or just come for the potluck, that’s fine too!) ALL CFIL athletes are invited to attend, regardless of whether you participated in the Open this year. NOTE: A regular WOD will still take place at 8AM!

Bodyweight Strength

20 MINS (3-4 sets)

A) Strict Pull-Up (31X2 tempo) x 3-5 reps
Must hold strict tempo
-Scale with assistance on any components needed (like last week)
-Hold DB between legs if 5 reps is not challenging enough

REST 30 secs.

B) Push-Up Negative (5 second lower) & Hold (5 second hold at bottom)
Every 30 seconds, for 4 reps
-Scale to 4/4 or 3/3 seconds, or place ab mat(s) under chest for slightly shorter ROM
-Make more difficult by adding deficit (hands on plates, feet raised)

REST 90 secs.


“Daily Double”

2 Rounds For Time (15′ CAP):

50 Alt. DB Snatches (50/35)
800m Run

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