Tuesday 4/3/18


“Base Camp”

2 Rounds for Max Reps:

2 Mins. of Shoulder (Strict) Press (95/65)
1 Min. REST
2 Mins. of Front Squats (135/95)
1 Min. REST
2 Mins. of Deadlifts (185/125)
1 Min. REST

*Presses and squats are from the floor – no racks*

Scaling suggestions:
Press: 75/55 or 45/35
Squat: 115/75 or 75/55
Deadlift: 155/105 or 125/85

Scale weights as needed in order multiple sets of each lift at each station. Beginning athletes should focus less on the speed of the reps and concentrate on maintaining good mechanics.


5 Mins. Coach-Led Stretching

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