Tuesday 4/18/17

Congratulations and big welcome to our April Group On-Ramp graduates!

May Strength Seminar Series with Tristan Churm: REGISTER HERE (limited to 12 participants). More information about the seminar can be found in our April newsletter and at the top of the registration form.

Conditioning Partner WOD

“Boat-Road Race”

6 Rounds for Time (30′ CAP):

500m Row
400m Run

Partners complete a full round of 500m Row + 400m Run (other partner rests). Switch by tagging hands, completing a total of 3 rounds per partner. Clock stops when 6th round is complete.

Intensity for individual efforts should be high given the 1:1 work to rest ratio.


Midline Finisher

Every 30 seconds, for 6 minutes (4x through):

1- 10 Tuck-Ups or Sit-Ups
2- 10 Supermans
3- 15 sec. Side Plank (alternate each round)

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