Tuesday 4/19/16

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21 DSD folks! New resources have been added to our shared Dropbox folder – a self- assessment to help you determine which Level is right for you right now, and the important energy modifications. All of these are from the 21 DSD book, in case you don’t have a copy of it. If you missed our informational post on the 21DSD, scroll down to Saturday or just click here. 

Bodyweight Strength

2 Supersets NOT FOR TIME (may be done in either order)

A) 4 Rounds – rest 1 min between rounds:
6 Ring Rows w/ 2-second hold on each rep*
30 seconds Hollow Rocks (or Hollow Hold)

B) 4 Rounds – rest 1 min between rounds:
6 Push-Ups*
15-30 seconds Wall-Facing Handstand Hold

*Ring rows and push-ups should be scaled accordingly such that they are challenging to complete in 1 set


For Time:

400m Run

10 to 1 of:
2KB/DB Push Press
2KB/DB Front Rack Lunges (forward step, in place)
Ball Slams

400m Run

may go immediately into your COOL DOWN / MOBILITY CASH-OUT:
Couch Stretch – 3 min/side (yes, 3 mins!)

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