Tuesday 4/4/17

Leo Galvin, born on February 17! We’re excited to welcome back new parents Aaron and Liz, and honor their new addition with today’s WOD!


Bodyweight Strength

Everyone ATTEMPTS 1 set of Max Unbroken Strict Chin-Ups (supinated grip) as a baseline assessment. If you aren’t able to get 1, simply record 0 (do not perform ring rows as a sub). Then:

Alternating EMOM 12′ (3 rounds):
1- 10 Scap Pull-Ups (normal pull-up grip)
2- Max (up to 20 sec.) Chin-Over Bar Hold (supinated grip) with Slow Negative
3- 20 Hollow/Arch Kip Swings
4- 3-5 Strict Chin-Ups (supinated grip) (Partner Assist if necessary)



AMRAP 12′:

9 Box Jumps or Step-Ups (24/20″)
12 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)
15 Sit-Ups


Lax Ball Lat Dorsi – at least 1:30/arm (see photo below for placement)

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