Tuesday 5/29/18



CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE! This workout can be either serve more as a post-Murph recovery WOD (by choosing light weights & easy pacing) or it can be as challenging as you want to make it by using heavier weights and pushing harder on the row/bike. Good opportunity to practice listening to your body and responding with the type of movement that makes sense for you today.

4 Total Rounds (28 Mins total):

5:00 EMOM (start on any movement, rotate through):

1- 80 ft. Bear Walk (challenge: DBs in hands)
2- 18 KB Swings (any style)
3- 16 Ball Slams
4- 14 Alternating Prisoner Box Step-Ups
5- 12 Russian Twists (per side) (med ball or plate)

2:00 Bike or Row

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