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Movement Quality

Whether you’ve been CrossFitting for less than 6 months or more than 6 years, it is NEVER too late to go back to basics to ensure you are moving properly and honoring the quality and intention of the movement. The kettlebell swing is one of those movements for which bad patterns can easily become ingrained, simply due to the frequency by which we perform it. When we swing heavy, it’s a particularly important time to remember that this movement is intended to be a hinge, as opposed to a squat. The article linked below offers some particularly good cues and visual depictions as to what a good swing is supposed to look and feel like. (And who doesn’t like a little Legally Blonde reference?) Check it out, see if it helps you!

ARTICLE/VIDEO: Fix Your Kettlebell Swing with Jen Sinkler (and Elle Woods)



Hang Snatch (1RM)

18 MINUTES to build up to a 1 Rep Max Snatch, starting from the Hang position (anywhere above the knee).

This should be performed as a full squat snatch. All normal points of performance apply! A coach should watch all 1RM attempts.

NEW ATHLETES or those who want more structure can perform E2MOM for 18 minutes: 1 Snatch Deadlift + 1 Hang Power Snatch + 1 OHS, ascending in weight if form looks good


EMOM for 18 minutes (3x through):

1) :30 Heavy Sled Push
2) 10 Heavy KB Swings (70/53)**
3) :30 Battle Ropes
4) 10 Ball Slams (moderate wt)
5) :30 Air Dyne for Max Calories
6) Rest

Score is total Air Dyne calories

**make sure you are truly hinging, and not squatting, on these swings!

(Start at any station but follow through in same order, i.e. Air Dyne should precede rest)

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