Tuesday 5/12/15


New cycle of lifts begins this week with Tuesdays now being Shoulder/Strict Press. Athletes that have a true 1RM Press should take 90% of that to determine their working weight, and follow the Wendler percentages. Newer athletes or those that do not have a 1RM will be following a linear progression (3×5 all at same weight, increasing the weight each week)

Shoulder Press (Wendler Week 1 (5+) OR 3×5 at same weight)

ALL athletes: be sure to get in 2-3 warm-up sets before starting working sets

Wendler Week 1 (5’s) – based on a working weight of 90% of 1RM:
-5 reps @ 65%
-5 reps @ 75%
-5 reps @ 85% (as many reps as possible, must be more than 5)


3 Rounds for Reps:

1 minute: Row for Calories
1 minute rest
1 minute: Heavy Sled Push (continuous)
1 minute rest
1 minute: Burpee Box Jumps
1 minute rest

Score is total calories rowed and burpee box jumps; record sled weight to comments

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