Tuesday 6/02/15


This cycle Tuesdays are Shoulder/Strict Press. Athletes that have a true 1RM Press should take 90% of that to determine their working weight, and follow the Wendler percentages. Newer athletes or those that do not have a 1RM will be following a linear progression (3×5 all at same weight, increasing the weight each week)

Shoulder Press (5 @ 75%, 5 @ 80%, 5+ @ 85%)

ALL athletes: be sure to get in 2-3 warm-up sets before starting working setsLinear Progression: 3×5 at same weight, add 5 lbs from last week


5 Rounds (10 Min.)
90 Seconds doubles **
30 Seconds Goblet Squat 53/35
**Score is consecutive doubles performed in each round. Do not do singles unless you cannot do one double under.

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