Tuesday 6/6/17

ANNOUNCEMENT: Spots are still available for upcoming BEGINNER’S ROWING CLINIC on Monday June 12th, 7:30pm. $20 donation requested, all funds will support Courtney Farber’s quest to row from California to Hawaii! Sign up on the gym whiteboard. 


Back Squat (7 x 5, ascending)

15-20 Mins. to complete 7 sets of 5 reps (with first 2-3 feeling like warm-up sets), ascending in weight. Last set should feel heavy, but should NOT be to failure (not a 5 Rep Max). Suggested percentages in Wodify.


“Floor It”

1 Round for Time:

30 (men)/25 (women) Calorie Row
20 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)
15 Deadlifts (255/185*)

*Suggested DL weight is no more than 65% of your best 1RM – scale as needed

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