Tuesday 6/7/16

CrossFit Kids & Teens with Coach Rachel at Memorial Day “Murph”


18 minutes to superset Push Press with: 3 sets of 15 Perfect Form KB Swings. Focus on ensuring swing is a HINGE and not a SQUAT. Choose weight, may increase if form looks good.

Push Press (3 x 5 @ same weight)

Warm-up 2×5 before starting working sets. Add 5-10 lbs from last week OR use ~60-65% of estimated 1RM


With a partner, for time (18 MIN CAP):

800m Run (up the hill-Blue Volvo sign)
160 Deadlifts

Rx=45-50% of 1RM Deadlift

Both partners must finish the run before starting on deadlift reps. For the deadlifts, switch every 10 reps (each partner does 80 total). You do not need to use the same bar, but only one person works at a time.

[If performing this WOD solo due to odd numbers, do 80 Deadlifts in sets of 10, resting 1:1]

Cash-Out / Cool Down


2x Partner-Assisted Iron Cross (30 sec/side)

Straddle Against Wall (3 mins)

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