Tuesday 7/3/18

Wendy dropping in at CrossFit Salvation in Florida!

SCHEDULE REMINDERS:  No 4:30PM class today! Tomorrow, July 4 9AM WOD (Open Gym 10AM-12PM)


Bench Press (5-5-5-5-5, no prescribed tempo)

15-20 Mins. to complete depending on # athletes/bench

Spend the first 5 mins. warming up to ~60-65%. Then use the remaining time to complete 5 solid work sets, building to find today’s heavy set of 5. Should have about 2-3 mins. rest between sets.


“Three Piece Suit”

Alternating EMOM 12 minutes (4 rounds):

1- 18 Single-Arm DB Push Press – 1 sec hold overhead (9/arm, divide as desired)
2- 30-second Wall-Facing Handstand Hold
3- 2 Rope Climbs (Rx+ 3 Rope Climbs)

Score is DB weight used for at least 2 sets of the DB Push Press

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