Tuesday 7/24/18

Coach Nick

Yoga with Cristin is back next Sunday! 9:30AM, everyone welcome regardless of yoga experience – come get swole and flexy like Coach Nick!


“Participation Metal”

Every 5 minutes, for 5 Rounds, for Total Load:

10 Back Squats at ~45% 1RM (same weight all 5 sets, should feel relatively light)

Immediately* followed by:
3 Heavy Back Squats (building)

*this means add weight and go, no additional rest

Record weight used for the 3 Heavy Back Squats for each of the 5 rounds. Goal is max total weight, so do not start too light, but also do not end too heavy — if you do not complete 3 reps, score 0 for that round


Quads Stretch & Foam Roll

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