Tuesday 7/11/17


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Front Squat (3 x 10 )

10 Mins. to warm up to the weight you used for your last set of 20 (6/27, 6/14, 6/1) — OR if you do not have any data for these days, warm up to ~65%+ of your 1RM

Then, E2MOM for 6′ (3 sets):
10 reps at this weight


“Clean Slate”

Every 3:00, for 5 rounds:

5 Unbroken Thrusters
200m Run

Rx: 135/95, Rx+: 155/105 or up
Scale: Use a weight that is heavy but you can go unbroken for 5 reps

Get your time for each round. Goal is to stay fast and consistent — your score is your SLOWEST time of the 5 intervals

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