Tuesday 7/14/15


Strength (superset two movements)

Shoulder Press (3×5 same weight )

Continue adding 2.5-5 lbs each week if you can successfully complete 3×5. If you reach failure, drop to 80% of heaviest set of 5 and restart linear progression.

Romanian Deadlift (RDL) (3×8 @ same weight)

Add weight from last week – should be moderately heavy (aim for 85% of max clean).

*If you missed it last week, check out our blog post on how and why to do RDL’s!


1) EMOM for 15 minutes (rotating between the 3 stations below for 5 rounds):

#1: 5 Bench Press (start at ~60% of 1RM, may increase weight each round)

#2: 15 KBS (AHAP)

#3: 45 seconds of DUs/attempts

Record heaviest Bench Press weight; KB weight to comments

2) Cash-Out 100m Sprints x 3

Straight line 100m sprints, rest is walk back. Record time for each sprint.

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