Tuesday 7/19/16



Push Jerk (8 x (1 Power Clean + 2 Jerks))

E2MOM for 16 minutes: 1 Power Clean + 3 Push Jerks, from the floor.

Build to today’s heavy — if you start to lose good form, stay at that weight or drop down. Record heaviest set(s) of 2 reps

Partner WOD

Partner “Double Grace Plus”

For Time (15 MIN CAP):

60 Clean & Jerks – other partner performs Forearm Plank Hold
60 Burpees – other partner performs Front Rack Hold (same barbell)

Rx: 135/95

Complete all C&J before starting burpees. If partner performing the plank/rack hold stops or breaks form, other partner must stop working until partner has regained the hold position

Cash-Out / Cool Down

2 Rounds:

Downward/Upward Dog – 30 sec-1 min

Triple Child’s Pose: 15-20 seconds each with arms straight, arms toward the right with left hand on top, arms toward the left with right hand on top

Back Bridge (elevate hands on plates to assist with mobility issues) – 10-15 seconds

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