Tuesday 7/21/15



1) Shoulder Press (3×5 same weight )

Continue adding 2.5-5 lbs each week if you can successfully complete 3×5. If you reach failure, drop to 80% of heaviest set of 5 and restart linear progression.

2) Romanian Deadlift (RDL) (3×8 @ same weight)

Add weight from last week – should be moderately heavy (aim for 85% of max clean)

Conditioning: Row WOD

With a partner on a shared rower, complete the following for time (25 minute cap on main clock):

Rx (complete only if your avg. 500m pace is under 2:10 for a 1K):

2000m Row – switch every 1000m

2000m Row – switch every 500m

2000m Row – switch every 250m

Scaled (complete if your avg. 500m pace for a 1K is over 2:10, or you don’t know what your pace is):

1600m Row – switch every 800m

1600m Row – switch every 400m

1600m Row – switch every 200m

*Get final finish time off main clock, not rower*

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