Tuesday 7/26/16

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Lots of birthday weight vests happening at the Monday noon WOD! Happy birthdays to Len and Joe!


For Time (30 MIN CAP):

10-8-6-4-2 REPS:
Clean & Jerk (135/95)

1-2-3-4-5 ROUNDS:
5 Pull-Ups
30 Double-Unders

…Complete 10 C&J followed by 1 round of 5 pull-ups/30 DUs; then complete 8 C&J followed by 2 rounds of 5 pull-ups/30 DUs, etc., until finished or time cap is reached.


  • Pull-Ups: Jumping Pull-Ups (No lowering from the top; drop from the top of the pull up, and begin with fully opened shoulders at bottom)
  • Double-Unders: Reduce to 15/20 DUs OR count missed attempts and singles in between doubles as reps OR do 30 singles with control of your speed. (In other words, do not do more than 30 jumps per round, whether they are singles or doubles)

Cash-Out / Cool Down

Calf & Foot Mobility/Recovery

Leave barbells out and do 1-2 mins of calf smashing per leg.

Then, with toes on a plate or against the rig, do 1 min of Calf Stretch (leg straight) and 1 min of Soleus Stretch (leg bent) per leg

Finish with Lax Ball Plantar Smash, as much time as you want!

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